crossorigin="anonymous">Weebly hacked, 43 million id's stolen

Weebly hacked, 43 million id’s stolen

Weebly is a popular website-building platform that lets users create sites and apps without coding. Due to the hack of servers, username and password of forty million people leaked out The security breach took place on July 27th. Weebly discovered the hack on July 30th and notified the FBI two days later. It’s unclear how many of the stolen accounts are active and how many are inactive.

According to the Weebly they hacked by receiving the email from the customer

It turned out the company had used a third-party service to send those emails. But had failed to update that service to properly handle sensitive information. The FTC said, Hackers sent the email, which was sent from the company’s domain name. Using a “phishing” technique to trick users into thinking. They were opening an authentic email from the company, said the FTC. Weebly promised to notify customers of the breach by Friday. It didn’t.

Weebly hacked:-

“We don’t believe any customers websites have been inappropriately accessed,” Weebly wrote in a note to users. In light of this situation. We have taken steps to avoid such an incident in the future, so this should never happen again.

” The company said it was investigating the matter. “Weebly is committed to the privacy and security of our customers,” the company wrote in an email. “We take our responsibility to protect customer data seriously.”Q:. How do I use jQuery to get the values of an input type=text? I am having trouble using the jQuery. Val() function to get the value of an input type=”text”.

The news is confirm now the hackers attach the Weebly. Now they are working on to recover it and also looking for the ways to make it sure

If you’re a Weebly user and you haven’t received the password reset email yet, you probably want to change your password.

Weebly says it is looking into the issue and is “working with outside experts on how best to help affected users”.

According To BBC News:-

According to the BBC, the hack was discovered by the German cybersecurity company Krypto wire. Who said the breach could have exposed customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, dates of birth, and encrypted payment information. It’s not clear if any other Weebly customers were affected. The company has set up a dedicated support page for those affected by the breach.


From the leaked source we also find that. More then of 2.5 million account of Foursquare were also in danger in October.

The social media company claims that the information was collected from a third party and that it had permission to use the data.  However, the privacy policy allows companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter to share data with partners, such as advertising agencies.

“There’s no evidence of any wrongdoing. We have reviewed our internal controls and no breach has occurred.

Weebly hacked, 43 million id's stolen
Weebly hacked, 43 million id’s stolen

Director of National Intelligence:-

But we are still in the process of implementing the necessary changes,” said Scott Burdick. A spokesman for the agency, which provides support services to the U.S. intelligence community. The OIG is an independent watchdog agency within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It is charged with investigating fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement in the intelligence community. In the case of the IRS, the IG found that the agency failed to adequately train employees on the proper use of the agency’s electronic systems, which led to errors and omissions.

This is just the latest of a series of mega breaches. It’s becoming easier than ever to hack into the data of people’s social media profiles.

This is the second in a two-part series on the threat of cyber attacks and how we can protect ourselves. The first part explored the “war on terror” and the rise of Islamic State. Cyber attacks have become a critical tool in the fight against these groups. And yet, the U.S. government has been slow to respond.

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