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Mark Zuckerberg Launches “Threads”

To Help Keep People Connected Online Facebook is rolling out a new service called “Threads,” which will allow users to connect with people and create a single, cohesive conversation. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Mark Zuckerberg is at the center of a lot of people’s social life these days. He’s the founder of Facebook. It’s called Threads. You may have seen it already if you use Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg is launching a rival of Twitter called Threads, which will be released in more than 100 countries on the Apple and Google app stores.

Five million users already

It started logging 5 million sign ups in its first four hours of operation.

It looks a lot like its competitors, has celebrity backers, allows lengthy posts and has a similar name to its chief rival.

How to become a member

Look for the application on the Application store or Google Play.

There’s no login option to post comments on Facebook using the app, but you can use the web version to comment.


Instagram is integrated deeply into threads. You can follow similar records you follow on Instagram.

What’s called tweets or “reposts” in Twitter is called “threads”.

You can also post up to 10 threads within a thread. You can share content through your own Facebook Page, Instagram or YouTube channel.

Similarities to Twitter

While Instagram is a photograph sharing or interactive media stage, Strings is a text-based application.

Clients can unfollow, block, confine, or report a profile by tapping the three-spot menu.


There are different ways they can help. One of the features that

The app will include the top-performing content (such as threads that have been favorited or shared the most) along with content from new creators you haven’t discovered yet (making it an algorithmic-powered feed).


Texter says it’s an app that takes what Instagram does best and expands that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.

Threads is going to be Meta’s first app that’s compatible with rival services. It means that people will be able to transfer their content to another service and interact with a larger community than just Instagram.

Meta said it was intending to make Strings viable with Activity Pub, innovation that additionally supports Twitter’s other adversary Mastodon.

This will let clients of Strings take their records and adherents to other Activity Pub-upheld applications.

Poaching from Twitter

Threads has been sent off at an essential second.

The declaration came during a period of “top Twitter disappointment” brought about by a large number of changes achieved by proprietor Elon Musk.

For example, Twitter imposes limits on the number of tweets you can read on a daily basis.

This change led to a chaotic environment with users protesting the unwanted changes.

Billion Users

Facebook’s Zuckerberg envisions threads as a way to connect people around the world.

He says that he thinks there should be a public conversation app with a billion or more people on it.

You can easily see where Instagram got its name. While Twitter has over 250 million users, Instagram has over 2 billion.

From the start it seems like a great idea, but it is not achievable. It needs only one-fourth of its Instagram users to join Threads.

While Twitter definitely has an edge over Instagram- it is a news-oriented platform and Instagram, a visual platform, might not be able to replace it.

It looks like we’ll have to wait to see how things turn out at the end.

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