crossorigin="anonymous">Youth club and fame seekers
Youth club and fame seekers

Youth club and fame seekers

Youth club:

Here are the recent events regarding the youth club that highlight many, many facts for us, and these are the sayings of those who ran after their personal emotions. Especially some of the youth, and there are many of them! When they learned that Khaled Al-Baltan was close to leaving the presidential chair in Al-Shabab Club.

Yes, here are the days and the events in them that take upon themselves the responsibility of exposing faces as they are.

I say, with great regret, that some young people who are only good at making noise have found those who have practiced opportunism with them, and in the end they repeat what they do not understand, rushing behind their ideas that carry false expressions. They live in a world of shouting and intellectual and mathematical backwardness. Khaled Al-Baltan, on the presidency of the club, will remain one of its symbols and a well-known sports figure, how not, and he is the man who began to struggle with all the waves that surrounded him from every direction and alone when he was abandoned by those who claim to love the youth club who grew up within its walls and were known by the sports fans through him.

Abu Al-Walid:

Abu Al-Walid, in my personal opinion, is considered one of the distinguished club presidents and those who have an open mentality and the ability to plan. Yes, I say it and repeat it, even if he moves away from the club. I know full well that his feelings will remain within the walls of the club, and the man who follows his news and what is going on in his surroundings will continue to drive him in that with his love and belonging.

How not, and he is the one who indicated in one of his interviews that he is ready to cooperate with the new administration if he is asked to do so. Indeed, it is the height of loyalty from you, O (Aba Al-Walid), and lessons you offer for free to those who deny the sheikh of the clubs, and yet they claim that they are youth. So, from this point of view.

Al-Islam Ibn Tamiya:

I remembered what Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Tamiya – may God have mercy on him – said: (Some people do not see him except as critics and forget the good deeds of sects and races and mention their faults. He is like flies that leave sites of righteousness and safety and settle on wounds and mistakes, and this is from bad souls and bad mood).

Nevertheless, I say that we will not get ahead of events with regard to the new administration, which we hope will be the best successor to the best predecessor. Quite frankly (Abu Al-Walid) left a great and very large legacy – in my personal opinion – of successes unerring.

I am certain that there are youths who want Abu al-Walid not to succeed and to remain in the scene while he knows them well. I say here to those who are trying to belittle what this man has done in terms of efforts and continuous work. His dealings with others, then I say to these people a little prudence and not to get carried away by your emotions.

If we go back a little, we will find that the most influential presidents in the youth club’s march are three:

Prince Khaled bin Saad:

The golden president, Prince Khaled bin Saad, the captain of the youth ship, who drew a clear-cut policy for his club when he was at the top of the pyramid, and I will not forget his path accompanied by those who worked with him.

The righteous son of Samarian Abu Hammed Muhammad Jumma al-Harbi, how not, and he is the one who brought him back from nonexistence to existence before we were born.

Youth club and fame seekers
Youth club and fame seekers

And the third is Abu Al-Walid Al-Baltan, despite the circumstances that surrounded him, especially the material ones, and if he dismounted from the management chair, then this thing will not diminish the value of his giving and efforts over the course of his work in the club for the past years.

Yes, the fruitful tree inside every human being possesses strong willpower and extreme endurance. Yes, ignore them, Aba Al-Walid, for their goals have become exposed and they are also exposed, and you know them very well.. God is behind the intent.


People also ask

What is the purpose of a youth club?

The purpose of a youth club is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for young people to come together, socialize, engage in various activities, and develop important life skills. Youth clubs often offer a range of educational, recreational, and community-oriented programs that aim to promote personal growth, leadership, teamwork, and a sense of belonging among the youth participants.

What are the advantages of youth clubs?

Youth clubs offer several advantages for young people and their communities, including:

Providing a positive and constructive outlet for youths, keeping them engaged and reducing the likelihood of involvement in negative behaviors.

Offering opportunities to learn new skills, such as leadership, communication, and teamwork, which can enhance their personal and professional development.

Fostering a sense of community and belonging, promoting social connections, and building friendships among young members.

Providing a supportive space where young people can express themselves, share experiences, and receive guidance from mentors or adult supervisors.

Creating a platform for youth to become active and responsible citizens, encouraging them to contribute positively to society.

Who is the owner of a youth club?

Youth clubs can be organized and owned by various entities or individuals depending on their structure and purpose. Often, youth clubs are community-based organizations or initiatives established by local governments. Non-profit organizations, schools, religious institutions, or dedicated individuals who are passionate about supporting young people. In some cases, youth clubs may be part of a larger national or international youth organization.

What is the definition of a youth club?

A youth club is a social organization or community-based initiative designed to cater to the needs and interests of young people within a specific age range. Typically adolescents and teenagers. These clubs provide a range of activities, programs, and resources aimed at fostering personal growth, skill development, social interaction, and community involvement among its youth members. The primary goal of a youth club is to create a positive and supportive environment that enables young individuals to thrive, learn, and contribute constructively to society.

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